Mock Draft 3.0: Top 6 quarterbacks go in top 16; Super Bowl champs snag new weapon, 49ers add edge

In this 2024 NFL Mock Draft post Super Bowl edition, the top 6 quarterback prospects round out top half of the first round. Patrick Mahomes and the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs get a new weapon!
Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Liberty v Oregon
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Vikings, Broncos select quarterbacks back-to-back in 2024 NFL Draft

No. 9: Chicago Bears - Jer'Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois

The Bears defensive line is suitable when looking at the left side of it. However, they need a defensive tackle and an edge on the opposite side. Newton can moonlight as both while staying home in Illinois.

No. 10: New York Jets - Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT, Penn St

The Jets don't think twice and sprint this card to the podium. Fashanu's talent shouldn't be available here. He perfectly fits the Jets  most significant need in protecting Aaron Rodgers.

No. 11: Minnesota Vikings - J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan

2024 NFL Draft: J.J. McCarthy
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The more days that pass, the less likely it is for Kirk Cousins to return because Danielle Hunter and Justin Jefferson need new deals. Regardless, the Vikings could make a play for a franchise quarterback while they are in a position to nab one. McCarthy fits O'Connell's offense like a glove.

No. 12: Denver Broncos - Bo Nix, QB, Oregon

Nix and McCarthy will ignite fan bases negatively when picked this high, but these teams don't care. Broncos head coach Sean Payton wants a quarterback who can play within the system, stay on schedule, and deliver the ball according to the design of the offense. Bo Nix and J.J. McCarthy epitomize this.