2024 NFL Mock Draft: Third-round selections for each NFC North team

Green Bay Packers up for two selections in the third rouund of the 2024 NFL Mock Draft. Here is each team's selection on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft.
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Md82. . Utah. Cole Bishop. 49. 82. player. . S. Cole Bishop

With the No. 82 overall pick, the Packers go with Utah S Cole Bishop. Bishop would be an early second-rounder at a more prominent school, and the Packers have another third-round steal.

Bishop is a defensive leader with the agility, speed, and skill set to cover tight ends and slot receivers. He is also a capable blitzer and shows the potential to create turnovers. His hips are fluid, and he has the necessary speed to keep up with any receiver going downfield. He can track the ball well and has the finesse and coordination to produce interceptions even when he isn't the primary target.

He is a solid safety who could develop into the next Jordan Poyer. The Packers Re-loaded their Offensive line with Bebee and Olumuyiwa Fashan, got a fantastic QB in Daniels, plus offensive firepower with Adonia Mitchell.