2024 NFL Mock Draft: Strategic first-round selections for each AFC North team

Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock in the first round and it's a big day for the NFC North in the 2024 NFL Draft!
Ohio State v Michigan
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Emeka Egbuka. . Emeka Egbuka. 32. player. 26. WR. Ohio State. Nmd32.

The Ravens use the 32nd selection in the first round of the NFL Mocks mid-season mock draft for the AFC North on Ohio St. Wide receiver Emeka Egbuka.

Emeka Egbuka is an exceptionally built wide receiver with his lean, compact, yet long-limbed frame and impressive density. His quick, expansive strides give him the explosiveness to surge downfield. He can start up quickly from a standstill, making it easy to leave defenders behind. With top-notch agility, he can easily move from side to side and keep his stride length. He understands how to move through zones, sink his hips, and adjust his speed. He uses head fakes, eye movements, and body positioning to his advantage and knows how to run all the route tree patterns. 


Furthermore, he is an incredibly consistent hand catcher with the patience and technique to make tough catches. He is also quite versatile and can be used in various offensive schemes. He can take solo hits with poise and power and push through contact in the middle of the field. He also knows how to use swipes and arm bars to get through defenders.

Egbuka is arguably the second-best receiver in the draft and the only one to phenom prodigy and legacy of Marvin Harrison Jr. The Ravens get a great No. 2 to pair with Zay Flowers, and it wouldn't surprise me to see Egbuka show up Flowers and finally assert himself as the No.1 he should be.