2024 NFL Mock Draft: Strategic first-round selections for each AFC North team

Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock in the first round and it's a big day for the NFC North in the 2024 NFL Draft!
Ohio State v Michigan
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56. Nmd24. . OT. player. Amarius Mims. . Georgia. 24. Amarius Mims

With the 24th pick in the NFL Mocks mid-season mock draft for the AFC North the Cincinnati Bengals select Amarius Mims, tackle Georgia. The Bengal's highest-graded OT has a PFF grade of 64.5. That is far too mid to protect a generational quarterback like Joe Burrows. 

Mims is a massive presence with a robust build, large hands, and a good arm span. He can move easily and has a lot of redirecting and body control skills. He is still raw regarding run-blocking, but he uses his size and arm length to press and keep defenders away from the ball. 

Amarius Mims
Ole Miss v Georgia / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

 mis physical tools are great in pass protection; he can get out of his stance and into his 45-degree and vertical sets easily, showing an abundance of range to protect the edge on his own. He is an explosive, high-energy athlete with elite mass, length, and no bad weight. He has impressive lateral freedom to redirect and match pass rushers and can adjust his alignment due to his hinge flexibility. 

He has the power and wingspan to dominate pass protection and uses controlled lean and knee bends to widen his reach. He can get good depth on kicks and stay balanced while matching rushers. He is angle-aware when run-blocking and can rotate his hips to seal defenders. Mims has starting experience at both left and right tackle and can play both spots.

Mims is the blindside pass protector Burrows deserves. He is an immense talent that should be a top-5 pick under ideal college situations. Some have him slipping into the early second-round, but the Bengals were wise to take him off the board here.