2024 NFL Mock Draft: Shocking Day 2 selections for each NFC East team

New York Giants are on the clock for the No. 36 selection, will they get a new QB for Marvin Harrison Jr? in Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft.
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. WR. player. 54. . South Carolina. Xavier Legette. Md251. Xavier Legette. 51

The Eagles are at No.51 and select South Carolina WR Xavier Legget. It's hard to imagine there will be enough targets to go around with Donovan Smith and AJ Brown. The Philly WR is officially stocked.

At 6-foot-3 and 227 pounds, Legette is a big and robust receiver, much like AJ Brown, who has tripled his single-season yardage record in the first four games of 2023. His impressive burst and speed have put him on the draft radar, and he is quickly becoming Spencer Rattler's go-to target. He can make tough catches in traffic or one-on-one down the sideline. Legette has excellent acceleration and can reach top speed quickly to outrun defenders.

With a tapered build and powerful hands, he masters contested catches and can fend off opponents while the ball is in the air.

Legget is also good at getting off the line quickly and has the size and quickness to get off-press coverage. Additionally, he has an outstanding balance and shows excellent start/stop ability and burst.

Legette has seen a drastic growth in his draft stock since September. Despite this, the attention around him is still less compared to the veteran players. Speed has become a significant factor in the NFL, and Legette has demonstrated he can excel at deep crossing patterns. He can also create separation from defensive backs with his start/stop movements and skill for avoiding defensive blind spots. Reel Analytics said he had the fastest speed of any college player at the 5-week mark.
Additionally, he holds the record for the highest kickoff return average in South Carolina in 2022.

Legget may get picked in the first round despite the presence of many other talented receivers in the class. He could easily replace AJ Brown of the Eagles decide to move on from his contract. The Eagles pick for the future again here; the strategy is working.