2024 NFL Mock Draft Part 2: Second-round selections for each NFC North team

The Chicago Bears have a load of draft capital on Day 2, thanks to a couple of trade downs in Part 1 of the NFC North Mock Draft. In today’s article, the entire division gets a chance at adding more talent in the middle portion of the NFL Draft.

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. Oregon Ducks. Bo Nix. player. QB. Nmd33. 33. . Bo Nix. 57

With the 33rd pick, the No. 1 pick in Round 2, acquired via trade from the Arizona Cardinals, the Chicago selects Oregon quarterback Bo Nix. The Bears get a premier contingency plan if Fields can’t step up and be the guy in his fourth year.

It's difficult to overstate the progress made by Nix in 2022. Always an athletic player at Auburn, the former five-star recruit struggled to build on his good plays before he joined Oregon, usually trying to win with one throw instead of taking what the defense gave him until he had to improvise. That changed completely last season.

Now, Nix is a potential first-rounder entering the fall. He's a dual-threat signal-caller with a strong arm and excels at making plays outside the pocket. Defenses now have to be careful when giving him easy openings and will find themselves panicked when Nix starts to move around either to buy time to throw or to rush upfield. He has a stocky frame, speed, and good agility for his weight.

Bo Nix Has Improved Mightily Since Transferring To Oregon

His arm allows him to throw off-balance and still get a catchable ball to his targets down the field. Nix has impressive improvisational skills and isn't afraid to look for a big play. He improved his passing motion to be faster and more reliable, usually releasing the ball at ear level and avoiding deflections at the line. the Duck star keeps his eyes on the field, avoiding pressure, extending plays and finding the best option. He is a genuine rushing menace who will create significant gains in the NFL.

His accuracy and timing developed more in his first year at Oregon as he put faith in what he saw and acted instead of hesitating. The next step for Nix is to master his pre-snap recognition of where to go and anticipate leverage more effectively. He can read the field well but is more of a read-and-react player than knowing what to do when his read shows their intention.

The Bears have no shortage of future resources to throw at improving the roster. If Nix falls out of Round 1, Chicago should be quick to scoop him up. Luckily for the Windy City fan base, Nix is entering the draft early. He could easily be the Will Levis of 2024.

. 39. EDGE. Florida Gators. 57. Nmd39. Princely Umanmielen. player. . Princely Umanmielen

With the No. 39 pick in NFLMocks’ midseason mock draft for the NFC North, the Bears select Princely Umanmielen, a disruptive pass rusher from Florida. Chicago is making a defensive stance, adding a high-end sack artist like Josh Allen of the Jaguars.

Umanmielen is a highly-anticipated prospect who demonstrates excellent snap anticipation and timing and an impressive ability to read and react quickly on the field. He possesses quick hands and utilizes his length well. His acceleration is very impressive, and he can produce powerful hits. Umanmielen is a technician in terms of employing violence, swiftness, and his long arms to fend off blockers. Additionally, he exhibits a strong work ethic and a knack for creating opportunities for himself in the pass rush late in the down. His spin move is already on par with the NFL's best, and he never ceases to exert effort.

The Bears significantly upgraded a position of need and added a dominating defensive presence. He will fit the scheme and be a Day 1 starter.