2024 NFL Mock Draft: One intriguing (2nd and 3rd round) player each AFC East should draft Day 2

A mid-season look at the players each AFC East team should select on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft based on current records and standings.

Ball State v Georgia
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. LSU Tigers DL. Mekhi Wingo. player. . Mekhi Wingo. 66. 47. P3.66.

With their 66th overall pick in the third round, the New England Patriots turned their attention to their defensive line, selecting Mekhi Wingo from LSU. A dynamic interior defensive lineman, Wingo has the potential to disrupt opposing offenses and make big plays for the Patriots.

Wingo's addition could significantly impact the Patriots defensive strategy. His ability to penetrate opposing offensive lines and disrupt plays could enhance the Patriots defensive performance. Wingo's presence could also draw attention away from other defensive players, allowing them to make more plays.

Mekhi Wingo is a force on the defensive line. His strength and quickness allow him to overpower offensive linemen and disrupt plays. At LSU, Wingo showcased his ability to make big plays, consistently finding ways to get to the quarterback and stop running backs.