2024 NFL Mock Draft: One intriguing (2nd and 3rd round) player each AFC East should draft Day 2

A mid-season look at the players each AFC East team should select on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft based on current records and standings.
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. Tyler Guyton. 59. . . Oklahoma Sooners OT. Tyler Guyton. 59. player. Md2.59

At No. 59, the Miami Dolphins address their O-line by drafting Tyler Guyton, offensive tackle from the University of Oklahoma. He's known for his robust build, quick feet, and impressive athleticism. His ability to protect the quarterback and create running lanes for running backs are notable strengths.

Guyton has demonstrated exceptional strength in both pass protection and run blocking. His quick feet enable him to keep pace with speedy edge rushers, while his power allows him to hold his ground against powerful defensive linemen. His excellent hand placement and body control contribute to his effectiveness in run blocking.

The Dolphins have struggled with their offensive line performance, and adding Guyton could provide a much-needed boost. His skill set could provide better protection for the quarterback, potentially reducing the number of sacks and pressures. Moreover, his run-blocking prowess could open up more opportunities for the Dolphins' running game.

By picking Guyton, the Dolphins show their commitment to enhancing their offensive capabilities, signaling a positive direction for the team's future. Protecting Tua from injury or another concussion is paramount if the Dolphins want to make that Super Bowl push and break the Marino Curse.