Thanksgiving 2024 NFL Mock Draft: NFL intern predicts a surprise blockbuster at the top of the draft

Front office NFL draft intern gives us his first round mock draft.
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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59. . Kingsley Suamataia. 25. player. Aamd25. . OL. BYU. Kingsley Suamataia

Kingsley Suamataia has played OT at 6'3 but can play any spot on the line. The Dolphin's biggest weakness currently is guard, and even more so, their line staying healthy. Kingsley is a guy who can play any spot on the line, but I'd most recommend pinning him at guard opposite Roberto Hunt.

CB. player. . . OSU. Denzel Burke . 26. 123. Aamd26. Denzel Burke

Denzel Burke is a super-intelligent corner that knows how to use his leverage ideally. He excels in man coverage and has the length and quickness to burst onto the ball if needed. Primarily a lockdown corner, Burke would make a great outside player opposite Trevon Diggs with Stephon Gilmore on his way out of the league.

player. Georgia. 42. . OT. Amarius Mims. Amarius Mims. Aamd27. . 27

Losing Mike McGlinchey has proven to be a significant loss for San Francisco, primarily when Trent Williams deals with injuries. With no guarantee that Trent can stay healthy, and he is close to retirement, bringing in an RT to hold down that side of the line is necessary this offseason. Amarius Mims, again, is 6'7 and a very safe prospect out of Georgia who will have no problem starting day 1. He relies more on his frame and athleticism than technique and hands compared to other OTs, but he still has elite potential as a tackle.

Aamd28. DT. Rule Orhorohoro. 28. player. . . Rule Orhorohoro. Clemson. 52

The Nigerian native has tons of athleticism and is the second-best pass-rushing interior lineman in the draft. Rule Orhorohoro has sky-high potential as a player at 6'4 290 and adds a much-needed upgrade to the interior of the Jaguars D-Line. He may be the best locker room guy in the class and is a leader and worker every team dreams of bringing in. Orhorohoro would help the Jaguars pass-rush himself and open up a ton for Josh Allen and Travon Walker, especially to get more production off the edge.

Troy Franklin. Aamd29. . Troy Franklin. 124. WR. Oregon. 29. . player

Troy Franklin is the most underrated receiver in the class. Franklin has nearly no weaknesses. He has insane athleticism, running a 4.35 at 6'3 and has a great burst off the line. He's fantastic at high-pointing the ball and has some of the class's nastiest, most efficient route running. He's also fantastic after the catch, having the ability to make a play at any level of the field on any route. Franklin could potentially be any team's X receiver, which the Chiefs could propel him to be.

Aamd30. . . Clemson. 30. player. LB. 50. Barrett Carter. Barrett Carter

Barrett Carter is your more traditional player, a good tackle who excels in coverage, especially in the box. Carter is a high-level IQ player who'll make many dynamic plays for the team. He's certainly the type of guy you want commanding your defense. He'd immediately be an upgrade to Anxalone in the middle of their defense and help their team take the next step.

. Kalen King. Kalen King. 26. Aamd31. CB. 31. . player. Penn St

I have leadership concerns, but aside from that, all is great. Kalen King is terrific in coverage, with a fantastic technique for the slot. The Raven's corner room could use his services well after losing Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey always dealing with injuries. As an inside corner, King should quickly develop into a shutdown guy surrounded by such a good team.

Andrew Mukuba. Clemson. . S. Andrew Mukuba. player. 54. Aamd32. . 32

It's tough to find lockdown coverage safety in college football, but Andrew Mukuba is one of the exceptions. He plays zone defense beautifully and never has any miscues. The ability for a young safety to lock down the deep ball is a rare commodity, and to get a safety that you don't throw towards on this Eagles team would be disgusting.