2024 NFL Mock Draft: Intriguing Day 2 selections for each AFC West team

Las Vegas Raiders have three second-round picks and use them well in Day 2 for the 2024 NFL Mock Draft.
Miami v Florida State
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Georgia. Tate Ratledge. Wmd73. . OG. 73. player. Tate Ratledge. . 28

The Raiders are up again at No. 73 and use the pick to Tate Ratledge guard from Georgia—more protection plus with Ratledge. The real genius with this pick is his capacity to facilitate and execute the tush push. 

When Ratledge arrived at Georgia, he was greatly anticipated as he was the 38th overall recruit of the 2020 cycle. Unfortunately, injuries have been the only thing that impedes his progress. He has since become vital to the Bulldogs' high-powered 2022 offensive attack. 

Tate Ratledge
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He is very good at ending blocks and has an impressive capacity for dropping defenders. His awareness while in pass protection is noteworthy, and his strength to stay put against bigger defensive linemen is extraordinary. He knows how to place his hands to get the most out of his punch and has incredible coordination between his upper and lower body when he moves. Ratledge loves the game's physicality and can often out-grapple larger defensive linemen. 

As a seasoned team member, Ratledge is looking to go from good to great, or as Kirby Smart might put it, elite. The Bulldogs have yet to win the Joe Moore Award, given to the country's top offensive line, but they were finalists last year and could not beat Michigan. 

If there is one thing Raiders fans appreciate, it's the glorious Mullet. Ratledge and his Mullet were made to be Raiders, and the black hole will embrace him as their own. If you are counting, that's five immediate impact players for the Raiders in the mock draft.