2024 NFL Mock Draft: Intriguing Day 2 selections for each AFC West team

Las Vegas Raiders have three second-round picks and use them well in Day 2 for the 2024 NFL Mock Draft.
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Georgia . Kamari Lassiter. Wmd58. 124. Kamari Lassiter. 58. player. . . CB

The Chiefs pick is in, and at No.58 overall, they select Kamari Lassiter, cornerback Georgia. The Chiefs backfield has been vulnerable, and Lassiter is a great solution. 

Kamari Lassiter is distinguished as an outstanding cornerback prospect, demonstrating a combination of physicality and instinctive play. His agility in coverage is remarkable, and even with the need to grow in some areas, the increased reps should help him sharpen these vital skills. 

In the current trend of defensive schemes with two-high safety shells, any worries about his vertical speed become less of a focus. Even though Lassiter displays first-round quality play on film, his size and physical abilities might label him as a Day 2 selection. His knowledge of scheme makes him suitable for various NFL systems. Nevertheless, his athletic potential might prevent him from reaching the ranks of the top cornerbacks. 

Lassiter is a supple athlete capable of challenging wide receivers in the NFL; his ability to transition quickly is unique. He is very effective on the edge, showing eagerness in short and screenplays. He is a reliable tackler known for delivering strong hits when going downhill and participating in run support. He also brings experience from special teams, allowing him to begin early or even become a starter in base defense.

Lassiter has a sharp instinct in zone coverage and can pass off routes in paired scenarios. He has strong hand play, particularly at catch points where he cannot turn his head; he still finishes plays even with a slim frame. He is also aggressive at the line, controlling route stems with intense force.

The Chiefs get a day-one starter and fill a hole. Lassiter is capable and consistent and will assist the Chiefs in holding off the late 4th quarter rallies they frequently seem to find themselves in.