NFL Mock Draft: Interesting selections for each AFC South team on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft

Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars get bigger and faster in Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft while Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts think team building.
Tennessee State v Notre Dame
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It’s Day 2 of our mid season mock draft for the AFC South.

The worst division in football now has four promising starting QBs under 25 and the Titans, Jaguars, Texans and Colts are all looking for weapons and accessories on Day 2. Picks are moving up and down, the excitement is flowing and six young men will be selected in this version of the mock draft.

On Day 2, the Jaguars are surrendering their 2nd round pick to the Falcons by extending the contract of Calvin Ridley but will have the No. 96 overall selection.

Tennessee Titans at 3-4 will get the No. 39 in the second and don't have their third-round selection because of their 2023 draft deal with the Arizona Cardinals to move up for Will Levis. The Colts have the 9th pick in the first round, so they will have their No. 41 selection in round two and 74 in round three. Texans have their second-round pick at No. 45 and Philadelphia's third-round pick at 96. 

Let's delve into a speculative midseason NFL 2024 Mock Draft for the AFC South Day 2. The season's pulse quickens as the NFL Draft 2024 approaches. Here is a look at each team's potential selections, strengths, and possible impacts on the team's future performances in round two and three on Day 2.