2024 NFL Mock Draft: Fascinating Day 2 selections for each NFC West team

Seattle Seahawks looking for a new Legion of Boom, Arizona Cardinals cash in on abundance of Day 2 draft capital.
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86. player. OC. Zach Frazier. West Virginia . 36. Mdw86. . Zach Frazier.

With their second pick in the third round, the Seattle Seahawks use the No. 86 overall to select Zach Frazier, center, West Virginia. They are bolstering the O-line in Seattle with a nice asset.

At 6'2" and 310 pounds, Zach Frazier is one of the most powerful interior linemen in the nation. His lack of ability to make milestone moves on the second level of defenses may be a drawback, but he is very effective in dealing with the opposition when it comes to the running game or pass blocking.

Zach Frazier
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With the NFL seeing more and more freakishly athletic defensive tackles enter the league, having a powerful player who needs little support is a valuable asset. Frazier has a good awareness and is competent as a help blocker. His athleticism could limit which schemes he fits, but he is forecasted to have a midround grade and could be an NFL starter.