2024 NFL Mock Draft: Fascinating Day 2 selections for each NFC West team

Seattle Seahawks looking for a new Legion of Boom, Arizona Cardinals cash in on abundance of Day 2 draft capital.
Oregon State v Oregon
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32. Mdw266. 66. player. Texas A&M. . DT. McKinnley Jackson. . McKinnley Jackson

Up at No. 66 is the Arizona Cardinals, and they are selecting McKinnley Jackson, DT Texas A&M. Reinforcement to the interior D-line will make the transition of Jared Verse to the NFL much more effective.

When observers view the 2022 Aggies defense, their attention is immediately drawn to the imposing figure in the middle of their formation. Jackson, a captain for the Aggies in his junior year, was an invaluable presence in their lineup, and his absence was sorely felt. His stats may not be impressive, but a true 0-technique with 7 TFLs and two sacks is still an accomplishment. He is a savvy run defender and has the agility to shift into a more vertical role if necessary.

The Cardinals' defense is improving, and the Verse/Jackson will be as formidable as Bosa/Young or Donaldson/ Robinson. Stuffing the run and getting the offense back on the field will be the primary concern for the Cardinals in 2024; Jackson works perfectly in that spot.

Mdw72. . Oregon. 32. Bucky Irving. Bucky Irving. 72. . RB. player

With the 72nd pick in the NFC West Mock draft, the Cardinals are back on the board and take Oregon running back Bucky Irving. The Cardinals' offense is ready for a new set of legs, and Bucky Irvin is the best back they have seen since David Johnson.

Without question, Irving has a dynamic and explosive style of running that can easily cover any mistakes made. Even though he will sometimes move outside the tackle box when it's not necessary, his speed is beneficial. He is competitive and seeks to keep plays alive with success. He keeps his head up and looks for running lanes even when none appear available.

Though he has difficulty slowing down to change directions and will sometimes run into a blocker, he acts quickly and usually doesn't take many tackles for loss. A strong inside-zone or outside-zone team will benefit from Irving's knack for making big plays and stressing out opposing defenses. He would be a welcome addition to the Cardinal's new pass-heavy squad, which needs a different type of back and a major receiving threat.

There is no excuse for Murry not to thrive now; they added two incredible weapons: a defense that can get him back on the field quickly and stellar protection. That's five day one starts for the Cardinals if you are keeping count.