2024 NFL Mock Draft: Fascinating Day 2 selections for each NFC West team

Seattle Seahawks looking for a new Legion of Boom, Arizona Cardinals cash in on abundance of Day 2 draft capital.
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. EDGE. 61. player. . Landon Jackson. Landon Jackson. 42. Mdw261. Arkansas

The San Francisco 49ers have the 61st pick in the NFL Mocks Midseason Mock Draft for the NFC West and will select Landon Jackson EDGE Arkansas. This may seem like a wasted pick with the recent addition of Chase Young and the long-term signing of Nick Bosa at the beginning of the season, but Jackson is a beast.

It wouldn't be surprising to learn Jackson had a development contract in professional wrestling. He has a fabulous physique and carries his weight well. He grew in size and physical maturity with LSU and Arkansas. His build isn't the only attribute on the rise, as his numbers in 2023 indicate an increasing level of proficiency. His long arms and reach make him an attractive choice for teams looking for someone to control the line of scrimmage.

Additionally, Jackson's quickness and ability to create force in a short amount of time are advantages. His most notable development in 2023 is his hand usage; he is becoming more precise and accurate when using his hands to get the better of offensive linemen. This is a key factor if he reaches his full potential, and the progress will surely boost his draft prospects.

Should Young not re-sign or injuries to him or Bosa, or one of them needs a breath, Jackson can step in and not miss a beat. This is a deadly addition to an already scary pass rush.