2024 NFL Mock Draft: Fascinating Day 2 selections for each NFC West team

Seattle Seahawks looking for a new Legion of Boom, Arizona Cardinals cash in on abundance of Day 2 draft capital.
Oregon State v Oregon
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Graham Barton. Graham Barton. OT. 45. player. 51. Mdn245. Duke. .

The Rams are selecting offensive tackle Graham Barton, Duke at No. 45. Barton is a great offensive line that takes care of his QB; ask Duke's dual-threat Junior quarterback Riley Leonard.

He has had a four-year starting stint at Duke, spending the truncated 2020 season at center (six starts) before transitioning to left tackle the following season, which has been his position since then. In 2021, he started 12 games, 13 in 2022, and is still manning the blindside in 2023.

Graham Barton
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Barton is a seasoned starter with many first-team repetitions at two distinct positions. His skill set is visible in the film; he has a low start and plays with strength to pressure defenders. He is agile enough to move across a defender's face and shut them out from the play.

player. . . Missouri. Kris Abrams-Draine. 51. Kris Abrams-Draine. 51. Mdw251. CB

Rams are back on the Clock at No. 51 and select Kris Abrams-Draine CB Missouri. Going with a shutdown corner is something the Rams haven't had since Jalen Ramsey.

Abrams-Draine's athleticism is his biggest asset, as he can accelerate quickly and has a great burst. This will help him as he must play in space during the pre-draft evaluation. His athleticism is especially evident when the ball is in the air, as he can recognize it and take the necessary angles to attack it. He can play man coverage effectively, undercutting routes and driving across the face of receivers.

They are building up their backfield with a bonus pick in the second round, and it's a great use of the picks. The Donald/ Robinson QB hunt is on and will cause divisional QBs like Brock Purdy to panic and throw a bad pass. Abrams-Draine will be on the receiving end of this passes.