2024 NFL Mock Draft: Fascinating Day 2 selections for each NFC West team

Seattle Seahawks looking for a new Legion of Boom, Arizona Cardinals cash in on abundance of Day 2 draft capital.
Oregon State v Oregon
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OG. Zac Zinter. 93. . . Zac Zinter. player. Mdw93. 42. Michigan

With the 93rd and last Day 2 selection in the NFL Mocks Midseason Mock Draft for the NFC West, the 49ers select Zak Zinter OG Michigan. Zinter was recently severely injured in the Michigan/ Ohio State game, but the 49ers are not deterred.

Zinter's height is an advantage for him in many cases but can also hinder him. His strength and agility are decent, but his lack of freakish mobility means it won't be the main feature of his game. He can move and hold his ground, but he's not as fluid or quick as some other blockers. His range of positions is broad, but he is ultimately best suited to guard. His physical attributes aren't enough to get him a high draft pick.


Zinter will be able to recover and step into his role gradually in San Francisco, as the 49ers already have a great line. Adding Kingsley Suamataia and Zinter to an already fantastic OL room will be advantageous for all.