2024 NFL Mock Draft: Exhilarating first-round selections for each NFC East team

Commanders win the NFC EAST mock draft round one, getting a franchise changing defender.
Louisiana v Florida State
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Jer’Zhan Newton. . DT. 123. Illinois . Jer’Zhan Newton. 22. player. Emd22.

The Cowboys are up at No.22 and selected Jer'Zhan NewtonDT out of Illinois. Cowboys are beefing up their D-line, and there is no better pick at No.22. 

Last season, Jer'Zhan Newton put up some of the best numbers of his career, totaling 61 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks, three pass deflections, and two fumble recoveries. At 6'2″, 295 pounds, he is a versatile player who can use his burst, ankle flexion, and hands to find his way to the ball carrier. 

In 2023, he has 5.5 sacks and an FF for the Fighting Illini while being a consistent run stuffer. He is also strong and stout enough to stop the run. Newton is at his best when he has a nose tackle who can occupy blockers, but he is also very talented at getting through jams and making stops. His agility and dexterity make him an unorthodox opponent for even the strongest offensive linemen. 

He has great natural leverage and can line up in different spots on the field. Newton is an explosive athlete who is highly motivated to get to the ball. His torso flexibility allows him to move quickly and recognize blocking angles rapidly. He can create a leverage mismatch due to his excellent awareness of weight distribution.

Newton gives me Vince Worfolk vibes; he's a natural talent and will quietly build a wall in Texas so the Cowboys can scheme a threatening defense with Micha Parsons at the helm. The Cowboys finally get the Vernon Littlefield they deserve