2024 NFL Mock Draft: Exhilarating first-round selections for each NFC East team

Commanders win the NFC EAST mock draft round one, getting a franchise changing defender.
Louisiana v Florida State
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Emd10. . Jared Verse. player. FSU. 10. 58. . EDGE. Jared Verse

The Commanders will use the No. 10 overall pick in the NFL Mocks mid-season mock draft for the NFC East to select FSU EDGE Jared Verse. You must follow up with our second-round picks to see how well the Commanders managed the Chase Young situation. For Now, they have significantly upgraded their EDGE at a much better price. 

Verse's performance in the FCS opened up an NFL audition with Florida State, and he found success in the ACC in 2022, achieving nine sacks and 17 TFLs while being named to the first-team All-ACC. 

Had he declared for the 2023 NFL Draft, he would have been a likely first-round pick to the Raiders instead of Tyree Wilson. Nevertheless, he chose to stay with the Seminoles and compete for the EDGE1 title in 2024. He has them ranked No.4 in the Nation and headed to the BCS playoffs with 4.5 sacks. 

Despite his downtick on the stat sheet, Verse has a lightning-fast snap, high-energy athleticism, and the ability to put tackles in a bind with his unpredictability. He also has a well-sized frame and length and can sustain power exertions and corners underneath extensions.

It's odd Verse stayed at FSU and performed better but will go lower in the draft, but here we are, and the Commanders are ecstatic at the outcome. Verse will be a Javon Kerse-like freak in the NFL.