2024 NFL Mock Draft: Exciting first-round selections for each NFC West team

Arizona Cardinals, with two first round picks, look to transform into a contender while the other AFC West teams make selections at key positions.
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With the 30th pick after a devastating loss to the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, The San Francisco 49ers take Kingsley Suamataia OT BYU. Getting more protection is vital, and Suamatia can fit everywhere and will extend the career of Trent Williams

He is a rare athlete this year, evidenced by his ranking on Bruce Feldman's freaks list, and his age and experience in a respected program make him even more appealing. He certainly has the athleticism to protect the edge in the passing game, but he could use some coaching to refine his technique. Nevertheless, well-coached teams should be interested in seeing how he can develop as a player.

Suamataia of BYU boasts an ideal physique for playing offensive tackle in the NFL. His size, strength, and athleticism give him much room to improve and reach his maximum potential. Despite his 5-star recruit status, he still needs more playing time to gain experience. Still, there is no doubt that he has the qualities necessary to be a successful lineman. Recent drafts have demonstrated that the NFL is focused on such characteristics when it comes to offensive tackles, making it difficult for them to overlook the potential of Suamataia.

He is a thickly built athlete with experience playing both tackle positions. He has a mean streak that the 49ers like to see in linemen, and he has the power to knock opponents off-balance when making contact. His explosiveness is noteworthy, and his ability to move defenders out of the way in the running game is a plus. He is comfortable with zone-blocking schemes, and his agility and quickness in short areas allow him to climb and work in space quickly. He knows how to use his body to block in congested areas, while his flexibility and skill let him defend against quicker defensive ends. 


He will develop without having to be a day-one starter in San Francisco while learning from one of the best to ever protect a QB in Williams—a match made in NFL Draft heaven.

We will be following up with Day 2 of our mock draft. Will the Seahawks complete the Legion of Boom II? Will the Rams or Cardinals get a game-changing running back? Follow us at NFLMocks.com to find out.