2024 NFL Mock Draft: Exciting first-round selections for each NFC West team

Arizona Cardinals, with two first round picks, look to transform into a contender while the other AFC West teams make selections at key positions.
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Chop Robinson . 19. player. . . Chop Robinson . Penn St.. Nmd19. EDGE. 51

The Los Angeles Rams select Chop Robinson, EDGE Penn St, with the 19th overall pick. The top option for the Rams is still available at 19, and they got their guy and an extra second-round pick. You have to love a freebie. 

Chop Robinson is a name that has been making waves in college football. His impact on the field as a dominant defensive player is hard to ignore. With his imposing physical presence and exceptional athleticism, Robinson has consistently shown the ability to disrupt opposing offenses. His versatility allows him to excel in both run defense and pass coverage, making him an invaluable asset for any team.

Robinson is a highly skilled and powerful edge rusher, ready to compete for a spot in a competitive group of prospects this year. His ability to burst into the B-gap or to rush up the field as a speed rusher is a definite plus. He has excellent agility and can corner with speed. He can reduce angles quickly, pressure the QB, and create turnovers. He has a lot of room to gain more mass and could refine his game with added weight. He also can drop in coverage and take throwing windows away from the QB in pressure situations.

The Rams have long prided themselves on their strong defense, and selecting Chop Robinson would only bolster their already formidable unit. With his skill set and versatility, Robinson has the potential to make an immediate impact on the team's performance, and the Rams are perfect for him. Robinson's speed is worthy of a Hollywood movie, so LA is a great spot. Robinson and Donald on the line are a threat and nightmare to QBs everywhere. Kyler Murray is trembling at this very moment.

I can't not wait to see what the Rams do with the free 51st pick in round two.