2024 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 selections for each AFC North team; Steelers stock up

Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and finally the Cleveland Browns are drafting in the 2-3rd round.
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The Bengals are up at No. 86 and elect to go tight end Ben Sinnott, Kansas. 

Standing 6'4" and weighing 245 pounds, Ben Sinnott can play both inline and in the slot as a receiver. He is not as fast as some of the premier tight-end prospects, but he has no issues catching the ball amidst a crowd. He demonstrates good coordination and power while possessing the ball, making him a dependable target for short and medium-distance throws. His talent as a pass catcher and blocker make him a valuable TE2 choice in the NFL.

Sinnott's size, strength, and athleticism make him a formidable presence on the field. He has a knack for tracking, high-pointing the ball, and getting involved in the play downfield. He is also a proficient blocker and possesses the coordination to catch the ball with his hands. His strength and ability to fend off defenders with a straight arm make him a very effective runner. He has an impressive straight-line speed and can create separation from defensive backs by running precise routes.

Sinnet could rocket up the draft boards with an improved 40 time, but as it stands, he will be a solid target for Burrows in the trenches. As we have seen with their previous picks, he can also block the Bengals like that. Protection, protection, protection is the theme of the Bengals draft strategy.