2024 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 selections for each AFC North team; Steelers stock up

Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and finally the Cleveland Browns are drafting in the 2-3rd round.
Ohio State v Purdue
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player. . Ohio State. Michael Hall Jr. 67. . Michael Hall Jr. 55. Nmd67. DT

The Steelers are now on the clock with the 67th pick they received from Arizona in their first-round pick swaps and choose Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State interior defensive lineman. That's the fourth Buckeye to the North if you are still keeping count. 

Standing at a tall 6'2" and weighing 295 pounds, Hall is mighty on the interior. His agility, length, and power contribute to his ability to quickly and forcefully close in on plays. He should be a consistent threat if he keeps his balance and moves through the rush well. He appears lighter than his listed size and carries his weight well. His explosiveness and agility help him get off the ball quickly and pursue plays with strong effort. He demonstrates good awareness of where the ball is and promptly gets to it. Hall has good strength and leverage but can still improve his hand usage and technique. He is the ideal three-tech and has shown disruptive and penetrating skills in Pittsburgh.

Cam Heyward is a true treasure on the D-line, a statesman, and a scholar of the position, but at 34, he is losing a step. Adding Hall Jr. and pairing him with his cohort at Ohio St Tuimoloau while developing him under Heyward is an excellent move by the Steelers. Watts, Tuimoloau, and Hall Jr, the Steelers should remember there are only so many times Joe Burrows can be sacked in a game. The Bengals using the third first two picks on a lineman seems strategic now.