2024 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 selections for each AFC North team; Steelers stock up

Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and finally the Cleveland Browns are drafting in the 2-3rd round.
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Georgia . Kamari Lassiter. Kamari Lassiter. . CB. 64. player. Nmd64. . 56

The Ravens are up at No. 64 to finish out the second round. They select Kamari Lassiter, Georgia's cornerback. While Terron Arnold is in the top 15, Kamari Lassiter is a steal at 64. 

Kamari Lassiter is regarded as an excellent cornerback prospect, displaying a combination of physicality and intuitive play. His ability to transition quickly and fluidly in coverage is extraordinary, and he should only improve with increased practice in the areas he needs to grow in. As defensive schemes with two-high safety shells are more popular, any questions regarding his vertical speed become less of a worry. 

Kamari Lassiter
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Lassiter is a limber athlete able to challenge wide receivers in the NFL; his quickness is extraordinary. He is proficient on the edge, exhibiting enthusiasm in short- and screenplays. Lassiter is also a reliable tackler, recognized for delivering hard hits when advancing and helping with run support. On top of that, he has experience on special teams, allowing him to start earlier or even become a starter in base defense. He has a keen instinct in zone coverage and can pass off routes in paired settings. He has powerful hand play, particularly at catch points where he can't turn his head; he still manages to finish plays even with his small frame.

Additionally, he is aggressive at the line, controlling route stems with great power.

Even though Lassiter has a first-round quality play on tape, his size and physicality might mean he gets slotted as a Day 2 selection. He has a comprehensive understanding of schemes, which makes him a suitable fit for many NFL teams. His athletic capabilities could, however, prevent him from reaching the level of the top cornerbacks. 

In a previous iteration of our midseason mock draft, we had the Chiefs stealing him at 58, so it's a holiday miracle for the good children in Baltimore.