2024 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 selections for each AFC North team; Steelers stock up

Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and finally the Cleveland Browns are drafting in the 2-3rd round.
Ohio State v Purdue
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The Browns have their first pick of the NFL Mocks Midseason mock draft for the AFC North and use the 57th pick on Oregon wide receiver Troy Franklin. Franklin is a top-tier WR and can serve Watson well. He will allow the Browns to open the field and give Watson opportunities to play well.

Franklin's speed and agility make him a perfect fit for thin, fast playmakers selected on Day 2 of recent drafts. Standing at 6'2" and 170 pounds, Franklin's ability to create separation on the field makes him a useful asset to any team. He's got superb body control, allowing him to make tough catches, and he is not afraid of playing physically despite his lack of bulk. This limits his overall upside, but Franklin should still be a great asset to more spread offenses.

Franklin has demonstrated his ability to line up on the outside or in the slot, and his statistics from 2021-2023 indicate his productivity. In 2021, he saw 14 games with 18 receptions for 209 yards, two touchdowns, and a long reception of 30 yards, averaging 1.3 receptions, 11.6 yards per catch, and 14.9 yards per game.

 In 2022, his numbers increased in 13 games to 61 receptions for 891 yards, nine touchdowns, and 67 as his longest catch, with 4.7 receptions per game, 14.6 yards per catch, and 68.5 yards per game. 

2023 saw similar increases, with 81 receptions for 1383 yards, 14 touchdowns, and a long reception of 84 yards, 6.2 receptions per game, 17.1 yards per catch, and 106.4 yards per game.

 He amassed 40 games with 160 receptions for 2483 yards, 25 touchdowns and an 84-yard long reception, averaging 4.0 receptions and 15.5 yards per catch, and 62.1 yards per game in his three years at Washington.