2024 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 selections for each AFC North team; Steelers stock up

Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and finally the Cleveland Browns are drafting in the 2-3rd round.
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Nmd90. LB. player. . . Ty’Ron Hopper. Ty’Ron Hopper. 90. 53. Missouri

With the 90th pick in the NFL Mocks Midseason mock draft for the AFC North, the Browns select Ty'Ron Hopper, LB Missouri. In a weak linebacker class, the Browns get a solid one at a good value. 

Hopper's is a work in progress, but his agility is remarkable, enabling him to turn and move with tight ends and drop into zone coverage. His ability to switch direction and accelerate rapidly gives him an advantage when closing in on the ball. Physically, he looks more like a defensive back, yet his tackling power is that of a linebacker. Hopper can cover large field areas and is a strong, sure tackler. 

His agility allows him to sidestep pass blockers. Additionally, Hopper can stay with tight ends and running backs in man coverage. He has great speed and maneuverability and bursts in short distances, in addition to sharp instincts and awareness to locate the ball quickly.

The Browns have a talented roster, and Hopper will fit right in. He may thrive and become Bradley Chubb or be another former NFL player by age 26; only time will tell. The Browns need a LB, and he is one of the best in the draft.