2024 NFL Mock Draft: 1 premier first-round selection for each NFC North team

In this 2024 NFL Mock Draft preview, the Chicago Bears get aggressive while a few new faces at quarterback join the NFC North.
Washington v USC
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Michael Penix Jr.. 18. Mm18. Washington. QB. 60. . player. . Michael Penix Jr.

The Vikings select Michael Penix Jr., quarterback from Washington, with the 18th overall pick. Penix could be the key to revitalizing the Vikings' offense with his impressive passing skills and high football IQ as they likely move on from Kirk Cousins.

In 2019, Penix had a breakout season at Indiana but was hampered by injuries and inconsistencies. He then moved to Washington, where he became a star again, tallying 4,641 yards, 31 touchdowns, and eight interceptions with a 65.3 percent completion rate. Penix is an accurate, smart thrower with a good touch on his passes and trusts his receivers in contested coverage. The downside is his lack of physical traits, which makes it difficult for him to throw into tight windows. Furthermore, since he is not much of a runner, he must be dominant from the pocket to be a successful NFL starter.

The Vikings’ offensive system is customizable for Penix Jr. He will thrive in the fast-paced, big-weapon style. With Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison at receiver and Hockenson at tight end, just a little more protection is all Penix will need to look like 2024's C.J. Stroud.