2024 NFL Mock Draft: 1 premier first-round selection for each NFC North team

In this 2024 NFL Mock Draft preview, the Chicago Bears get aggressive while a few new faces at quarterback join the NFC North.

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. Olu Fashanu. 49. Olu Fashanu. Penn St.. OT. 7. . Olu Fashanu. player

With the No. 7 pick in the NFC North Midseason Mock Draft, the Packers select Olumuyiwa Fashanu, offensive tackle from Penn State. Fashanu is renowned for his blocking skills, offering the Packers a formidable barrier to protect quarterback Jordan Love.

Protection is a need for the Packers, and Fashanu is arguably the best offensive lineman in the draft. If not for the Bears trading out of their No. 3 pick, Fashanu would have gone sooner. The Packers get a steal and an o-line anchor for years to come. 

A redshirt junior, Fashanu is already a highly-skilled, unshakeable player with an intuitive understanding of the game. His powerful inside hand, independent punches, and capacity to recognize stunts display his impressive composure and control. Even though he is already a fourth-year player, Fashanu is still only 20 years old and will be 21 during his rookie season. His youthfulness notwithstanding, he already displays the talent of a top-notch NFL prospect.

Fashanu possesses a tall, sturdy frame with fantastic length and an overall well-proportioned physique. He has strong agility and quickness in a limited range and the power to stop rushers in their tracks and can easily drive them away. He can easily reset and re-establish himself to maximize his force. His torso flexibility allows him to absorb the initial impact of contact. Incredibly balanced and well-leveraged in pass protection, with an excellent feel for the game.

In addition to his polished technique, Fashanu has the high-end physical tools of a first-rate tackle. At 6-foot-6 and weighing 321 pounds, he has exceptional length, strength, power, and ability to take on high-impact rushes. Olu Fashanu is a blue-chip tackle prospect who will be a highly sought-after commodity in the upcoming April draft.

While there is no singular statistic to measure a lineman's impact, Fashanu will easily add 25-50 yards of rushing productivity and more time for Jordan Love to operate in the pocket. Thus, decreasing his pressure and increasing his effectiveness.