2024 NFL Mock Draft: 1 premier first-round selection for each AFC South team

In this AFC South first round mock draft, Titans and Colts draw big weapons, Jacksonville Jaguars score with an NFL Legacy player.

LSU v Missouri
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Malik Nabers. Wide Receiver. LSU Tigers. . 21. . 10. Htx21. Malik Nabers. player

The Texans, who traded their first-round pick in 2024 to the Arizona Cardinals for defensive end Will Anderson Jr., have an extra selection from the Deshaun Watson trade in 2021. With the 13th pick going to the Cardinals, the Texans will make their selection at the 21 spot.

With the 21st selection in the midseason 2024 NFL Mock Draft for the AFC South, the Houston Texans select LSU WR Malik Nabers. Nabers has shown great promise and could potentially fill a gaping void in the Houston offense.

Nabers is known for his speed and agility, making him a difficult player to defend against. His ability to make big plays could turn the tide, favoring the Texans in crucial games. In 2023, outside of flashes from Tank Dell, the Texans WRs lack difference-makers, but Malik Nabers is a prime candidate to be the Texans' centerpiece.

At 6'0" and 200 pounds, he can be a three-level threat. Nabers is explosively swift and has a keen control of his motion speed. Furthermore, he has an instinct for catching the football and is agile and persistent after the catch.

Going into 2023, Nabers is among the nation's top receivers, having garnered 72 receptions, 1,017 yards, and three touchdowns in the prior season but far exceeding that with 56 receptions, 981 yards and nine yds this year. This has made him the leader in receptions in the SEC and second in receiving yards. His performance in the Citrus Bowl against Alabama CB Kool-Aid McKinstry was outstanding, earning him MVP honors. 

In addition, he has been involved in 25 college games with 17 starts and has earned 2,415 yards and 16 TDs from 166 receptions. His attributes include an adept route-running capacity and an ability to shift gears quickly. 

CJ Stroud has shown he is an elite quarterback in the making; getting him weapons needs to be the Texans' highest priority. Nabers and Stroud could be a Manning/Harrison duo for the next decade.