Troy Fautanu, Cooper Beebe, and Christian Mahogany lead the 2024 NFL Draft offensive guard class

This year's offensive guard group is one of the more talented groups in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Troy Fautanu
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2024 NFL Draft offensive guard class ranking No. 13 and 14

13. Trevor Keegan, Michigan: Teams looking for a tone-setter on the offensive line will want to take a close look at Michigan’s Trevor Keegan. Keegan consistently plays through the whistle and his personality showed though when he had the best quote in Michigan’s National Championship celebration when he said ““We came here to chew bubble gum and kick butt — and we were all out of bubble gum.” In addition to having the type of personality NFL coaches will love he also shows good strength in the run game, and didn’t allow a single sack this year in pass protection. Unfortunately, he has limited potential due to being an average athlete and lacks quickness off the ball. Draft Grade: Seventh Round

14. McKade Mettauer, Oklahoma: Another offensive lineman with a late-round draft grade who has the personality to play in the NFL is Oklahoma’s McKade Mettauer. This was backed up when he was ejected in game against West Virginia, for sticking up for a teammate. While he may have lost his cool every player in the NFL wants to play with players that will go to bat with them which is the case with Mettauer. In addition to being a good teammate Mettauer is a physical lineman that plays with good strength. I fully expect Mettauer to make it in the NFL as a backup offensive guard. Draft Grade: Seventh Round