Troy Fautanu, Cooper Beebe, and Christian Mahogany lead the 2024 NFL Draft offensive guard class

This year's offensive guard group is one of the more talented groups in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Troy Fautanu
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The 2024 NFL Draft offensive guard class is a strong group in terms of both depth and high-quality talent. The group is led by Washington’s Troy Fautanu who has all the talent to be an All-Pro in the NFL. While Cooper Beebe and Christian Mahogany carry day two draft grades on my board there is no doubt they have the talent to start as rookies.

In terms of depth, this group features several prospects who will go on day three yet will make a big impact as a rookie. One of those players is Layden Robinson of Texas A&M, who is an impressive athlete who had a strong 2023 season. Another prospect who fits this description is Marcus Tate of Clemson. Tate is one of the most impressive run blockers in this class and if he can stay healthy could be a steal in the 2024 NFL Draft.

2024 NFL Draft offensive guard class ranking No. 1-4

1. Troy Fautanu, Washington: Going into the 2023 season Washington offensive guard Troy Fautanu was named the offensive guard I would stand on table for, and after an elite 2023 season, other draftniks are seeing why I was so high on him. Fautanu has all the tools to be an All-Pro offensive guard and should be a first-round pick come April. The first thing that stands out about Fautanu is his elite athletic ability. He shows a great burst off the ball and looks extremely comfortable in space. This mobility should allow him to be a great fit in a zone-blocking scheme. In addition to being one of the most athletic offensive linemen in the 2024 NFL Draft, he also plays with good aggression and fights through the whistle. The only concern I have with his game is that due to his aggressive playing style, he can sometimes get out of position. Draft Grade: First Round

2. Cooper Beebe, Kansas State: It is hard to find a more decorated offensive lineman in the 2024 NFL Draft than Kansas State’s Cooper Beebe. He was named the Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year in both 2023 and 2021, and is the first offensive lineman in school history to be named a consensus All-American. He also has the traits coaches in a gap-blocking scheme will love including impressive strength. He shows this strength in the passing game and is someone who is almost impossible to bull-rush. In the run game he consistently wins at the point of attack and is one of the best run blockers in college football. While he will be a great fit for a power running game, his limitations will prevent him from playing in a zone scheme. These limitations include being an average athlete, and having short arms. Draft Grade: Second Round

Cooper Beebe
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"“Oh, absolutely not. For me being a captain and being a leader, especially with us being down a lot of players and this being my last game, I felt like if I’m going to start something I’m going to finish it. As a leader, I’m going to send this team off right and I’m going to play in the bowl game.”"

Cooper Beebe about not skipping bowl gam

3. Christian Mahogany, Boston College: Boston College offensive guard Christian Mahogany looked like his old self this year, after coming back from a torn ACL. His presence was a big boost for the Eagles helping the team finish second in the ACC this season in rushing which is a 137 yards improvement over the 63 yards they averaged per game in 2022. As a pro prospect, his most impressive trait is his athletic ability. He flies off the ball and also looks comfortable blocking in space or when pulling. Another positive is his strength which allows him to consistently open up running lanes and hold up well in pass protection. One area that will likely cause concern for scouts is how he often he gets off balance due to him lunging when blocking, and also not having the best footwork. Draft Grade: Third Round

4. Layden Robinson, Texas A&M: Texas A&M’s Layden Robinson had a much better season this year after struggling in 2022. As a junior, he allowed 36 pressures leading to a 56.6 grade from Pro Football Focus which was the lowest score of his college career. This season however, he only allowed 16 pressures and only gave up one sack and received a much better PFF grade of 69.4. Part of the reason he looked better this season is he looked much more athletic after losing 20 pounds off season. At this lower weight he showed a good burst off the ball and looked much better blocking in space. He also kept his strength at this lower weight and continued to be a strong run blocker. In order to take full advantage of his raw skills he will need to do a better job of identifying stunts and blitzes, which is the main reason he allowed 52 pressures over the past two seasons. Draft Grade: Third Round