Olumuyiwa Fashanu and Joe Alt lead the 2024 NFL Draft offensive tackle class

This year's offensive tackles class is one of the best positions in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Olumuyiwa Fashanu
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2024 NFL Draft offensive tackle class ranking No. 10-14

10. Patrick Paul, Houston: Another highly thought-of offensive tackle that I am a little lower on is Houston’s Patrick Paul. While Paul is widely thought of as a second-round pick I have just a fourth-round grade on him. The reason for this is he is not very flexible and is just an average athlete overall. This hurts him when it comes to getting good pad level which will give him trouble against NFL defensive ends as they will be able to bullrush him. It also hurts him when trying to break down at the second level which causes him to miss his share of blocks. While these concerns would prevent me from taking him before day three he does have some traits I do like. One of these is his length coming in at 6-foot-7 and having the long arms to keep defenders at bay. Another is that he is a proven pass blocker who was Pro Football Focue's second-highest graded passer blocker in 2022, after only giving up one sack on the year. Draft Grade: Fourth Round

"I would say that I’m tenacious. I have great feet and good hands. I’m a high-motor, effort player that plays through every whistle. I’m extremely coachable. I’d add noble to that. I’m a noble person"

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11. Christian Jones, Texas: Going into the season NFL scouts viewed Texas offensive tackle Christian Jones as a seventh round pick, but now they see him more as a fourth-round type prospect which is also the draft grade I give him. The main reason he has seen his stock improve so much this year is he has been way more consistent. Another reason why he is viewed as an early day three guy is his nimble feet which have been helped by his time playing soccer as a kid. He also is a versatile tackle who has played both left and right tackle during his time in Austin. In terms of negatives, he is a bit stiff and has trouble breaking down in space. Draft Grade: Fourth Round

Christian Jones
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12. Kingsley Suamataia, BYU: One of the most impressive athletes in this year’s offensive tackle class is Kingsley Suamataia of BYU. Suamataia who was named Bruce Feldman’s number three Freak Athlete going into the season shows good mobility for an offensive tackle 325 pounds. His 6-foot-6 size also gives him the length NFL coaches like and he uses his long arms to keep defensive ends from getting to him. A couple of things that will likely cause him to slide to the third or fourth round though including his lack of agility, and average footwork. In terms of his flexibility he is a stiff tackle who really struggles to block on the second level. His footwork also hurts him when it comes to blocking in space or staying on his blocks. Draft Grade: Fourth Round

13. Blake Fisher, Notre Dame: An offensive tackle who saw his stock go down this year is Notre Dame’s Blake Fisher. One of the reasons for this is he has not improved much since his freshman season in South Bend. For example, his footwork still looks uncorndiated and he has not improved his flexibility especially when it comes to dropping his hips. In addition to that concern he will be looked at soley as a right tackle since he lacks the quickness to play left tackle. Despite these concerns look for Fisher to be an early day three pick, since he is a strong run blocker and still has plenty of untapped potential left. Draft Grade: Fourth Round

14. Roger Rosengarten, Washington: Washington offensive tackle Roger Rosengarten had an impressive season this year giving up zero sacks and only two hits this regular season. In addition to providing rock-solid pass protection, he also was one of the better run blockers on the Huskies' offensive line. One of the reasons he was able to have such a strong season is his mobility. He slides well in pass protection and also does a great job of blocking at the second level in the run game. This trait could make him an ideal fit in a zone-blocking scheme. He also would be a good fit in this system since he lacks some of the pure power other offensive tackles have in this class, which could hurt him in a gap-blocking scheme. Draft Grade: Fifth Round