2024 NFL Draft All-Defensive Team: 11 draft prospects every NFL defensive coordinator will love

Dallas Turner leads a talented 2024 NFL Draft class of defensive players, find out which other players round out the all-defensive team.
NFL draft prospect Dallas Turner
NFL draft prospect Dallas Turner / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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NFL defensive coordinators will love these linebackers

Edgerrin Cooper, LB - Texas A&M: Cooper's speed is off the charts, but athleticism is not the only string to his bow. Rookie linebackers almost always struggle to master coverage duties in the NFL, limiting their snap count and, thus, their early impact.

2024 NFL Draft: Edgerrin Cooper
Edgerrin Cooper / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

However, Cooper offers versatility that will excite NFL defensive coordinators; he has proven adept at creating pressure as an occasional blitzer and has demonstrated proficiency in pass defense.

Cooper's skillset is such that if he lands on a team desperate for linebacker help, he could quickly find himself in a three-down role. Is he too lightweight at 230 lbs? Not enough to concern me.

Junior Colson, LB - Michigan: Colson beat Jeremiah Trotter and Payton Wilson to earn the second linebacker spot in our defense. The 21-year-old starred in the heart of the Wolverines defense, playing some of his best football in critical moments during playoff wins over the Iowa Hawkeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide.

He fits the mold of a modern linebacker, with athleticism to spare and the intelligence to diagnose plays effectively. Much like his teammate, Cooper, in our All-Draft defense, Colson has proven adept in coverage. We suspect he’ll be a late riser in the draft process and could challenge Cooper to be the top linebacker selected in the 2024 NFL Draft.