ITWR: Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. lead 2024 NFL Draft Big Board

Jan 2, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams (13) in action during the game between the USC Trojans and the Tulane Green Wave in the 2023 Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 2, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams (13) in action during the game between the USC Trojans and the Tulane Green Wave in the 2023 Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /
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2024 NFL Draft
Florida State’s Jared Verse is the top defensive player in the 2024 NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports /

2024 NFL Draft Defensive End Rankings

1. Jared Verse, Florida State (first round)
2. JT Tuimoloau, Ohio State (first round)
3. Bralen Trice, Washington (second round)
4. Jack Sawyer, Ohio State (third round)
5. Brennan Jackson, Washington State (third round)
6. Patrick Payton, Florida State (fourth round)
7. Demeioun Robinson, Penn State (fourth round)
8. Zion Tupuola-Fetui, Washington (fifth round)
9. Barryn Sorrell, Texas (fifth round)
10. Donovan Ezeiruaku, Boston College (fifth round)
11. Adisa Isaac, Penn State (fifth round)
12. Cedric Johnson, Ole Miss (fifth round)
13. Princely Umanmielen, Florida (fifth round)
14. Xavier Thomas, Clemson (sixth round)
15. Gabriel Murphym, UCLA (sixth round)
16. Andre Carter, Indiana (sixth round)
17. Tyler Baron, Tennessee (sixth round)
18. Jahfari Harvey, Miami (sixth round)
19. Jasheen Davis, Wake Forest (sixth round)
20. Grayson Murphy, UCLA (seventh round)
21. Ethan Downs, Oklahoma (seventh round)
22. Joe Evans, Iowa (seventh round)

2024 NFL Draft Defensive Tackle Rankings

1. Nazir Stackhouse, Georgia (first round)
2. Leonard Taylor, Miami (first round)
3. Gabe Hall, Baylor (first round)
4. Brandon Dorlus, Oregon (first round)
5. Maason Smith, LSU (second round)
6. Jer’Zhan Newton, Illinois (second round)
7. McKinnley Jackson, Texas A&M (second round)
8. Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State (second round)
9. Kris Jenkins, Michigan (second round)
10. Tyler Davis, Clemson (second round)
11. Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson (third round)
12. T’Vondre Sweat, Texas (third round)
13. Tonka Hemingway, South Carolina (fourth round)
14. Darian Varner, Wisconsin (fourth round)
15. Tyleik Williams, Ohio State (fourth round)
16. Akheem Mesidor, Miami (fifth round)
17. Mekhi Wingo, LSU (fifth round)
18. Thor Griffith, Harvard (fifth round)
19. Ty Hamilton, Ohio State (fifth round)
20. Dontay Corleone, Cincinnati (fifth round)
21. DeWayne Carter, Duke (sixth round)
22. Logan Lee, Iowa (sixth round)
23. Keith Randolph Jr., Illinois (sixth round)
24. Warren Brinson, Georgia (seventh round)
25. Fabien Lovett, Florida State (seventh round)
26. Tim Smith, Alabama (seventh round)
27. Justin Eboigbe, Alabama (seventh round)

2024 NFL Draft Outside Linebacker Rankings

1. Dallas Turner, Alabama (first round)
2. Barrett Carter, Clemson (first round)
3. Danny Stutsman, Oklahoma (second round)
4. Ty’Ron Hopper, Missouri (third round)
5. Laiatu Latu, UCLA (third round)
6. Omar Speights, LSU (fifth round)
7. Layton Jordan, Temple (fifth round)
8. Curtis Jacobs, Penn State (fifth round)
9. Chris Braswell, Alabama (fifth round)
10. Collin Oliver, Oklahoma State (fifth round)
11. Steele Chambers, Ohio State (sixth round)
12. Karene Reid, Utah (sixth round)
13. Jestin Jacobs, Oregon (sixth round)
14. John Pius, William & Mary (sixth round)
15. Payton Wilson, North Carolina State (seventh round)
16. Josaiah Stewart, Michigan (seventh round)
17. JaQues Evans, Western Kentucky (seventh round)
18. Eric Gentry, USC (seventh round)
19. Jett Johnson, Mississippi State (seventh round)

2024 NFL Draft Middle Linebacker Rankings

1. Tommy Eichenberg, Ohio State (second round)
2. Junior Colson, Michigan (second round)
3. Jeremiah Trotter Jr, Clemson (third round)
4. Jaylan Ford, Texas (third round)
5. Smael Mondon Jr., Georgia (third round)
6. Jason Henderson, Old Dominion (fifth round)
7. Aaron Beasley, Tennesse (fifth round)
8. Jamon Dumas-Johnson, Georgia (fifth round)
9. Maema Njongmeta, Wisconsin (sixth round)
10. Tristan Wheeler, Richmond (sixth round)
11. Ben Bywater, BYU (seventh round)
12. Tatum Bethune, Florida State (seventh round)
13. Jacob Dobbs, Holy Cross (seventh round)
14. Jason Johnson, UCF (seventh round)

2024 NFL Draft Cornerback Rankings

1. Kool-Aid McKinstry, Alabama (first round)
2. Kalen King, Penn State (first round)
3. Cooper DeJean, Iowa (first round)
4. Jason Marshall Jr., Florida (second round)
5. Kamari Lassiter, Georgia (second round)
6. Denzel Burke, Ohio State (second round)
7. Nate Wiggins, Clemson (third round)
8. M.J. Devonshire, Pittsburgh (third round)
9. Max Melton, Rutgers (third round)
10. T.J. Tampa, Iowa State (fourth round)
11. Caelen Carson, Wake Forest (fourth round)
12. Cam Hart, Notre Dame (fourth round)
13. Mike Sainristil, Michigan (fourth round)
14. D.J. James, Auburn (fourth round)
15. Nehemiah Pritchett, Auburn (fourth round)
16. Dwight McGlothern, Arkansas (fifth round)
17. Kris Abrams-Draine, Missouri (fifth round)
18. Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo (fifth round)
19. Marcellas Dial, South Carolina (fifth round)
20. Tony Grimes, Texas A&M (fifth round)
21. Jahdae Barron, Texas (sixth round)
22. Aydan White, North Carolina State (sixth round)
23. Storm Duck, Louisville (sixth round)
24. Decorian Patterson, UCF (sixth round)
25. Ja’Quan Sheppard, Maryland (sixth round)
26. Jordan Hancock, Ohio State (seventh round)
27. Tyreek Chappell, Texas A&M (seventh round)
28. Josh Newton, TCU (seventh round)
29. Cobee Bryant, Kansas (seventh round)
30. Micah Abraham, Marshall (seventh round)

2024 NFL Draft Safety Rankings

1. Andrew Mukuba, Clemson (second round)
2. Kamren Kinchens, Miami (second round)
3. Tyler Nubin, Minnesota (second round)
4. Calen Bullock, USC (second round)
5. Javon Bullard, Georgia (second round)
6. Cole Bishop, Utah (third round)
7. Rod Moore, Michigan (third round)
8. Lathan Ransom, Ohio State (fourth round)
9. Malachi Moore, Alabama (fourth round)
10. James Williams, Miami (fourth round)
11. Evan Williams, Oregon (fourth round)
12. Beau Brade, Maryland (fifth round)
13. Jalyn Phillips, Clemson (fifth round)
14. Bud Clark, TCU (fifth round)
15. Billy Bowman Jr., Oklahoma (sixth round)
16. Yam Banks, South Alabama (sixth round)
17. Tykee Smith, Georgia (sixth round)
18. Jalen Catalon, Texas (seventh round)
19. Jay Stanley, Southern Miss (seventh round)
20. Kobe Savage, Kansas State (seventh round)
21. Patrick McMorris, California (seventh round)
22. Kenny Logan Jr., Kansas (seventh round)
23. Khalil Baker, North Carolina Central (seventh round)

2024 NFL Draft Kicker Rankings

1. Joshua Karty, Stanford (fifth round)
2. Cole Becker, Utah (seventh round)
3. John Hoyland, Wyoming (seventh round)

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2024 NFL Draft Punter Rankings

1. Tory Taylor, Iowa (fourth round)
2. Ben Kiernan, North Carolina (seventh round)
3. Jack Browning, San Diego State (seventh round)