2023 NFL Draft: Bijan Robinson laughs at Madden 24 rating, Jahmyr Gibbs smiles

May 12, 2023; Flowery Branch, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Bijan Robinson (7) shown on the field during rookie camp at IBM Performance Field. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
May 12, 2023; Flowery Branch, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Bijan Robinson (7) shown on the field during rookie camp at IBM Performance Field. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

With every new football season comes the release of EA Sports’ latest rendition of Madden football. A series dating back to 1988 has spanned generations, bringing new fans to the sport for the past three and a half decades. Bijan Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs are the latest additions to the game.

With each new game, a fresh batch of rookies enters the fold. It is always a fierce debate among fans regarding ratings — that is no different with Madden 24. The running backs in particular are of great interest, as a few names are expected to lead the backfield in year one.

Perhaps the most popular name of the bunch is Falcons’ star, Bijan Robinson. After razzling and dazzling the college football world, the shifty ball carrier makes his way to Sundays with a sparkling pedigree. Not only that, but Robinson also has a clear path to heavy usage in the Arthur Smith system.

Bijan Robinson has fun with Madden 24 rating

The Longhorn alum was asked what he thought his broken tackle rating would be in Madden 24, and he replied with a sky-high 95. When it was revealed that his rating was actually an 86, Robinson accepted it, but made sure to state that this was only “good for a start”.

When the interviewer followed up the question, the 21-year-old laughed it off, although you could see it in his eyes that he felt slighted. Have no fear: If Robinson is anything like he was at Texas, that broken tackle rating will be in the 90s in no time. He did break 212 tackles in his collegiate career, after all.

Next up, Jahmyr Gibbs. To the shock of every NFL fan around the country, the Detroit Lions selected Gibbs at No. 12 overall in the first round. This is not meant as shade toward the Alabama star, as he is absolutely a day-one talent.

The surprise comes due to the constant devaluation of the running back position. Granted, Robinson came off the board four picks prior, but he was touted as a “generational” prospect throughout much of the pre-draft process. Those types of guys tend to be outliers in running-back discussions.

However, Gibbs is a stud in his own right. While generational would be stretching it, the first-year ball carrier has top-of-the-league upside. He is shifty with the ball in his hands and possesses otherworldly acceleration, both as a ball carrier and a receiver. The guy is a matchup nightmare for defenses.

Jahmyr Gibbs nails his Madden 24 prediction

When Gibbs was asked what he thought his highest attribute would be in Madden 24, he quickly replied with a one-word answer: “Speed”. This turned out to be a great guess, as speed is indeed his top trait in the game. He garnered a remarkable 94 rating, ranking him among the best of the best.

Still, Gibbs was not satisfied. Instead, he lobbied for an even higher rating. “I think I should be higher than that. I think a 96,” said the 21-year-old ball carrier. Like Robinson, Gibbs will have every chance to boost those Madden 24 ratings early in year one.

Two more rookies react to their ratings

Titans’ rookie Tyjae Spears heard his break tackle rating was a lowly 78, and he fired back with a stoic, “Okay, I guess it’s cool. I can get it up, though.” After being asked if he was really okay with that rating, Spears casually laughed it off and kept the interview moving.

When Kendre Miller came to the table, he was asked if he planned on using himself in Madden 24. “Yeah, yeah. I’m just going to run the ball every time,” he said while trying to hide a smile. If Miller’s game is anything like his personality, it won’t take long until he is a premier player in the game.

There is a changing of the guard underway at the running back position. The previous top dawgs are aging out, and the new batch of talent is ready to take their place. Whether it be Madden 24 or real-life football, these young ball carriers from the 2023 NFL Draft will make their mark in this league.