Chiefs, Steelers and Giants make moves in 3-round 2022 NFL Mock Draft

2022 NFL Mock Draft, Jameson Williams. Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
2022 NFL Mock Draft, Jameson Williams. Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports /
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2022 NFL Mock Draft, Malik Willis. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

To kick off Draft Week, here is a final 3-round 2022 NFL Mock Draft with analysis for each round, featuring big trades by the Chiefs, Steelers and Giants.

It’s finally here! The 2022 NFL Draft is this week! The wait is finally over, and at long last we will have some answers to the biggest question-filled draft in recent history. From top to bottom, this draft is filled with uncertainty. Here, I take one final stab at predicting what might go down on both Thursday AND Friday in my last 2022 NFL Mock Draft (with analysis for each and every selection).

It all starts with the Jacksonville Jaguars with the first pick. Which edge rusher will general manager and Trent Baalke chose? Or will they get some protection for Trevor Lawrence in a top tackle? Will the Detroit Lions be able to keep their hometown Michigan Wolverine in state or will they take a chance on a quarterback?

A 2022 NFL Mock Draft may be the hardest that I have ever had to do. It really is the most unpredictable draft that I can remember. With questions at the top, multiple teams with multiple first-round picks and a historically subpar quarterback class, anything can happen on Thursday (and Friday and Saturday).

This final 2022 NFL Mock Draft features multiple trades throughout the first three rounds, including a couple of current NFL players finding new homes on day two of the draft. Who will take the top quarterback? Will the Chiefs and Packers replace their superstar receivers? What did the New Orleans Saints trade up with the Philadelphia Eagles to do? Who the heck is going to be the first pick?!

All the answers are coming in this three round 2022 NFL Mock Draft.