Kansas City Chiefs 2022 Mock Draft: CB, Front Seven Addressed

Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs Mock Draft. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs Mock Draft. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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Alontae Taylor.Kns Tennessee Georgia Football Bp
Alontae Taylor.Kns Tennessee Georgia Football Bp /

Round 3, Pick 94: Alontae Taylor, CB, Tennessee

Alontae Taylor looks like a Kansas City Chiefs cornerback. He possesses a similar makeup to starting cornerback L’Jarius Sneed, and has the confidence to match him as well. Taylor is supremely confident and has interviewed well all offseason. He is a fluid athlete and backs it up with a very high football IQ. Taylor is not perfect, but looking at their track record, he could be next in a long list of starters found after round one for the Chiefs.

Round 3, Pick 103: Damone Clark, LB, LSU

Damone Clark’s draft stock is on unsteady ground at the moment after it was announced that the former LSU linebacker underwent a spinal fusion surgery that will hamper his ability to see the field in 2022. After already bringing in Walker, I continue toeing the line between immediate impact and value additions due to injury. To be blunt, the Kansas City Chiefs don’t have enough room for 12 immediate impact players, so they have to sprinkle in some high upside developmental pieces. Or in this case, injured pieces. It is always risky picking someone that won’t contribute much their rookie season, but Clark (and Ojabo) could become key members to the defensive unit for years going forward.

Round 4, Pick 121: Michael Clemons, DL, Texas A&M

Michael Clemons is a stud defensive end that isn’t getting the shine he deserves. Sure, he could bend better around the edge, but he has NFL-size and above-average length that will cover up a lot of issues. Clemons is a freaky athlete for his size, and would be an absolute steal in round four. Getting someone like the former Aggie would give the team an immediate contributor for 2022, making it easier to wait on Ojabo’s full recovery.

Round 4, Pick 135: Matthew Butler, DL, Tennessee

Matthew Butler, much like his former Tennessee teammate Alontae Taylor, has had a phenomenal offseason process leading up to the draft. Butler was arguably the best performer at the Shrine Bowl, vaulting his name onto the radar of scouts everywhere. He is not the biggest guy, but he is long and gives the team a versatile piece in the trenches. Another thing you can never have enough of come playoff time is capable bodies in the front seven.