Iowa Center Tyler Linderbaum Declares For The 2022 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Mock Draft, Tyler Linderbaum. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
2022 NFL Mock Draft, Tyler Linderbaum. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum has officially declared for the 2022 NFL Draft. He will be the top center drafted.

One of the big dominoes has finally fallen for the 2022 NFL Draft. After a long process weighing his options, Iowa’s Tyler Linderbaum finally made a decision on his future. He will be in the 2022 NFL Draft after declaring via a message on Twitter this morning and could be one of the top IOL selected in April.

Linderbaum’s road to stardom was an interesting one. He was originally recruited to play on the defensive line with the Hawkeyes, but ultimately made a switch before the 2019 season to center. Linderbaum never looked back, earning several awards along the way. From an honorable All-Big Ten mention in his first year at center to plenty of votes for First Team All-America, Linderbaum quickly became one of the best centers in the nation.

Now he will go through the draft process, one that is sure to only bring him more buzz. His play has been incredible, and he will fit a lot of schemes that deploy outside zone and wide zone concepts. He does extremely well blocking in space, from using the athleticism to get out front to clear the way along with his instincts and awareness to find unblocked defenders flowing towards the play. Linderbaum has sufficient strength at the point of attack, and his wrestling background has certainly helped his play in the trenches.

How high Linderbaum goes will be the hot topic leading up to the 2022 NFL Draft. Getting drafted in the top 15 for a center is rare, especially for a player who might not be a fit for every scheme. Offensive line is still a prevalent need across the NFL, so teams like the Giants and Eagles (who might lose Jason Kelce) could end up selecting him. If they don’t, other teams will gladly scoop up Linderbaum near the end of the first round to be their starting center. No matter who does, they’re getting an impressive player.