Return of A.J. Brown A Major Boost For Tennessee Titans Title Hopes

A.J. Brown, 2019 NFL Draft.
A.J. Brown, 2019 NFL Draft. /

A.J. Brown returned and made a big statement in the Tennessee Titans win. He should spark their title hopes.

If there is any clarity in the NFL this season, it’s the lack of clarity in the AFC. The best team one week could look like a doormat the next. The AFC North is a carousel of hilarity. The Patriots were rolling until their defeat at the hands of Indianapolis, and the Bills have a loss to the Jaguars on the resume. The Titans look like world beaters one week (downing the Rams and recently, the 49ers) and then lose to the Jets or Texans the week after.

Stopping their slide by beating (what many thought) was a 49ers team heating up at the right time was huge. The offense had been in shambles without their best players, and they found a groove in the second half down 10-0. It certainly helped to have their best receiver, A.J. Brown, back making plays. He drew 16 targets and caught 11 passes for 145 yards and score, reaching a peak once again in what has been an inconsistent third season.

If he continues to light it up heading into the playoffs, the Titans should still consider themselves title contenders. Having a player who has the size and the ball skills to win in a contested spot when Ryan Tannehill needs him to, or to break off something big after the catch, is huge to spark an offense that’s missing Derrick Henry at the moment.

The Tennessee Titans are still the division favorite, and has the tiebreaker just in case, but a strong finish from Brown to drag this offense along is what they need heading into the playoffs. Bringing their threats back to a lethargic offense means there’s no telling what could happen, especially in a year like this in the AFC. A.J. Brown will be instrumental, as having that bona fide star at receiver to win against top talent is necessary for a title run.