2022 NFL Mock Draft: Jameson Williams The First WR Off The Board?

2022 NFL Mock Draft, Jameson Williams. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
2022 NFL Mock Draft, Jameson Williams. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Ahmad Gardner, 2022 NFL mock draft, 2022 NFL Draft
2022 NFL mock draft: 2022 NFL Draft prospect Ahmad Gardner. Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports /

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Roger McCreary, CB, Auburn

The Cincinnati Bengals’ playoff hopes took a rough blow on Sunday at the hands of the Chargers. The offensive line didn’t play well, and it’s entirely possible they go in that direction when the 2022 NFL Draft rolls around. In this 2022 NFL Mock Draft, though, the direction they go is corner.

Roger McCreary deserves more respect in this cornerback class. He’s been lockdown in man coverage in 2021, and plays great in trail and even technique. McCreary has the speed to stick with vertical threats and makes good transitions.

22. Los Angeles Chargers: Jordan Davis, DL, Georgia

The Chargers could stand to address the edge in a loaded class, but their run defense is what’s causing issues right now. They don’t have a space eater that can free up their linebackers and safeties to fill effectively.

Jordan Davis can be that guy for the Chargers. He isn’t the greatest in terms of rushing the passer, but he can take on multiple blockers against the run, and has good play speed to work on pursuit to the perimeter.

23. Buffalo Bills: Ahmad Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

If Davis is a great fit, this one might be better, and on top of it, good value in this 2022 NFL Mock Draft. The Buffalo Bills have been trying their best to cement the CB2 position, and the 2022 NFL Draft gives them the opportunity to do so.

Buffalo plays a lot of zone, and Ahmad Gardner thrives in zone coverage. He transitions well working from deep back to the line of scrimmage, has good eye discipline, and very good ball skills. Gardner can thrive opposite Tre White.

24. Detroit Lions (via LAR): Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh

The second pick for the Lions in this 2022 NFL Mock Draft could be a receiver for their struggling room, but eventually, this franchise needs to swing at the quarterback position. They do here, selecting Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett.

Pickett has been the big riser, making big improvements in his final season. He looks more poised, more accurate, and is making impressive throws off-balance. He’s hitting throws to all levels of the field. Detroit will provide him with a clean pocket, a strong offensive line, and build around him with playmakers.