NFL mock draft 2021: Panthers, Patriots, Bears get aggressive for QBs

Zach Wilson lands with the Carolina Panthers in this 2021 NFL mock draft (Photo by Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach Wilson lands with the Carolina Panthers in this 2021 NFL mock draft (Photo by Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Trevor Lawrence, 2021 NFL mock draft
Unsurprisingly, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Trevor Lawrence with the first pick of this 2021 NFL mock draft (Photo by David Platt/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports) /

Let’s get another 2021 NFL mock draft in before the real craziness of free agency starts. What these teams could be looking for may change soon, but the best teams build their rosters through the draft and use free agency to fill holes and add depth.

The 2021 NFL Draft class is absolutely loaded with impact players at the top and impressive depth throughout. This is undoubtedly an offense-heavy draft class but there are plenty of exciting defensive players who can help teams as well.

This has already been an interesting draft process and the intrigue at the top of the class guarantees excitement on draft night. Where will these top prospects land? Follow along in this two-round 2021 NFL mock draft to find out.

2021 NFL mock draft: Round 1, 1st overall

Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. Trevor Lawrence. 1. player. QB. Clemson. 52

This one has been locked in from the moment that the Jacksonville Jaguars secured the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Jaguars will take Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick in April, just as they do in this NFL mock draft.

Lawrence is an elite quarterback prospect who can come in and completely reshape the Jaguars’ entire franchise. He has all of the talent in the world, showing ridiculous natural arm talent and athleticism at the quarterback position. Lawrence is a true dual-threat player who is nearly as dangerous as a runner as he is as a passer. He sees running lanes extremely well and has the combination of quickness and speed needed to hit the big play with his legs.

Lawrence is also a deadly accurate passer who shows the ability to hit receivers in stride at all levels of the defense. He does a great job of throwing receivers open with anticipation and has the natural arm talent to zip the pass into tight spaces when needed. Simply put, Lawrence is an absolute superstar in the making and the Jacksonville Jaguars would be insane to even consider another prospect with this pick.