2021 NFL Draft: Three-round 2021 NFL mock draft with top 10 surprises

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2021 NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence

2021 NFL Draft prospect Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Clemson Tigers (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Going a bit deeper into the 2021 NFL Draft with a three-round 2021 NFL mock draft.

As the 2021 NFL Draft draws closer, the order and team needs are starting to become more clear. This makes it much easier to look at specific prospects who could be landing with a given team. We can look at the talent in the current class, past picks made by specific teams and positional needs on the roster and put together some solid predictions for all 32 teams in the NFL.

In this 2021 NFL mock draft, we are going to dig a bit deeper and make predictions for the first three rounds. Even fans of teams who have traded their first-round pick will be included in this one.

At this point in the process, the draft order is still heavily in flux, with just one or two games heavily influencing how the order will go. With that in mind, I went over to playoffpredictors.com, ran through the rest of the season to come up with the draft order. I simply predicted the good teams to win the games that they should and did a coin flip for the close matchups. This is obviously unlikely to be the final 2021 NFL Draft order, but it feels like a solid prediction.

Without further ado, the New York Jets get us started with the first overall pick of this mock draft.

2021 NFL Draft: Round 1, 1st Overall

Trevor Lawrence
QB Clemson

Another mock draft, another opportunity for Trevor Lawrence to go first overall to the New York Jets, and that is not going to change any time soon. The only real question here is who ends up taking Lawrence number one overall. The Jets are the leaders in the clubhouse, but there are still plenty of games left. One thing is for sure; Lawrence will go No. 1 no matter who gets the pick.

Lawrence is a legitimately elite quarterback prospect who has all of the natural talent in the world. He has a big arm that he can use to hit any throw on the field with velocity. He also shows the ability to improvise and switch up his arm angle when needed. Lawrence is also an incredible athlete who can make plays with his legs.

Poise, accuracy, touch, arm talent, athleticism, Lawrence has it all. He is the best quarterback prospect in recent memory and would give the Jets the perfect player to build their franchise around.

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