NFL trade deadline idea: Dwayne Haskins to the 49ers

NFL Trade Deadline: Dwayne Haskins to 49ers makes sense.

The NFL trade deadline is going to be fascinating in 2020 with league offices closed to focus on the 2020 election, but deals could still be made or at least agreed to.

There have already been a number of deals made between teams involving players and draft picks, but the biggest deal that will be made is likely going to be Yannick Ngakoue going to the Baltimore Ravens.

There could still be more big-name players on the move, one being Washington quarterback and former first-round pick Dwayne Haskins.

There are a number of teams that would make sense to buy low on Dwayne Haskins, including some contenders who have aging starting quarterbacks. Given what transpired over the most recent weekend of NFL football, the most sensible destination for Haskins both for the short and long-term could be the San Francisco 49ers.

This is not the first substantial injury Jimmy Garoppolo has suffered in his NFL career, unfortunately. Garoppolo is a solid quarterback when he’s able to be out there consistently, but it’s proven quite difficult for him to actually stay healthy.

Garoppolo missed time with an injury while he was with the New England Patriots, he had a season-ending injury with the 49ers in 2018, and after playing all of 2019 and helping lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl (and nearly a win), he will now miss the majority of the 2020 season with this latest injury.

The 49ers have to legitimately consider how much they can actually count on Garoppolo in the future, especially with some big cap hits in the next couple of years.

Haskins, a quarterback obviously on a rookie contract, would be able to come in and learn the Kyle Shanahan system, which has been great for so many quarterbacks through the years.

This is obviously not a career-ending injury for Garoppolo, but it’s becoming a consistent issue with him not being able to stay on the field. The 49ers can’t be going into every season banking everything on him and then having to use their backup QB most of the time.

Haskins has been dealt a tough hand with a coaching change and overall regime change in Washington, and there are tons of weapons for him to get the ball to in San Francisco. It could be a huge win for both the 49ers and Haskins.