2021 NFL Draft: Three-round mock draft featuring early quarterback run

Trevor Lawrence, 2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Trevor Lawrence, 2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /
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Trevor Lawrence, 2021 NFL Draft
Trevor Lawrence, 2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

2021 NFL Draft Round 1, Pick 1

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are clearly a team in the middle of a rebuild and will likely hold an extremely high pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Quarterback Gardner Minshew was a fun story last season, but if we are being honest, he is extremely unlikely to be the guy who leads this franchise into the future. It is much more likely that the Jags bottom out this season and take a quarterback early in the 2021 NFL Draft.

With Jacksonville holding the first overall selection in this mock draft, the pick is easy. Trevor Lawrence is one of the best quarterback prospects in recent memory and has a chance to quickly become a massive star at the next level. Getting him in Duval would quickly reshape the entire Jaguars’ franchise and give them a true building block for the future.

Physically, Lawrence has it all at the quarterback position. He has ideal size and is a tremendous natural athlete for the position. Lawrence escapes pressure with absolute ease and can legitimately separate from the defense when he finds a crease. He is a mobile quarterback who is a massive threat with his legs.

More importantly, Lawrence has a rocket for a right arm and incredible natural arm talent. This guy can hit any throw on a football field and he does a great job of changing his arm angles and making unique throws when needed. Give Lawrence the ball and let him make a play. Most of the time, it is going to work out extremely well.

Lawrence also shows impressive accuracy to all levels of the field and the ability to put the proper touch on his passes when needed. However, there are some decision-making concerns that will have to be cleaned up at the next level.

Lawrence heavily relies on his natural talent at all times and this leads to some unnecessary risk-taking in some cases. Most of the time, Lawrence’s raw talent allows him to get away with his shaky decision-making, but he must learn to take the safe play every once in a while if he is to reach his full upside at the next level.

The Jaguars are an interesting team with plenty of interesting young talent on both sides of the ball. That being said, they are not currently ready to compete for anything serious. The 2021 NFL Draft is extremely important for this franchise and snagging Lawrence at the top would be an ideal scenario.