Seattle Seahawks: How will the COVID-19 affect the season?

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images /

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected professional sports across the country. As the NFL is no different in that regard, how will the Seattle Seahawks cope with the pandemic as the 2020 season is on the horizon?

As the COVID-19 pandemic is more relevant than ever, the NFL, much like other professional sports leagues, is trying to look past these unfortunate times by bringing back athletic competition this fall. However, to no surprise by anyone, the NFL is suffering setbacks, even to the point where some doubt a season will take place.

Furthermore, it’s been noted this off-season of the negotiations between NFLPA and the NFL league, specifically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams across the NFL are being affected by this in numerous ways. Not just in terms of players potentially being at risk of getting the virus but also teams themselves not performing at their best.

Furthermore, as it was reported not long ago that the Seattle Seahawks organization was delaying training camp date for its rookies, even they as well were having issues getting prepared. Due to uncertainty of how they were conducting operations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, training camp for the Seahawks was delayed until July 28th.

The health and well-being should always come first, as it’s what the NFL and its players are trying to resolve. It is, however, interesting to observe just how some of these NFL teams can play once the season starts. The Seahawks, in particular, has had a reputation for last season in terms of its dominant offensive performances while also struggling quite a lot on defense. With the COVID-19 pandemic still around, it could affect potential improvements for that very team.

The COVID-19 has affected every sports organization in the United States in some capacity, not just the NFL. Teams have been affected all of 2020, as players are being tested positive for the virus. The very well could happen to the Seahawks if their best players get tested positive.

However, in light of good news for the Seahawks organization, it’s been reported by Sports Illustrated that no Seahawks players have been tested positive for COVID-19, as the same report also indicated that the Seahawks have an advantage moving forward. Which very well could be the case if Seattle can stay protected through the rest of 2020.

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With the NFL season on the horizon, it’s interesting to see how these teams, not just the Seahawks, perform with these on-going conditions. Even if the COVID-19 pandemic eases up a bit during the next few months, this is something that’ll follow the NFL throughout this entire year, as it could continue past 2021.