Will Parks and the other underrated offseason pickups in the NFC East

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Kendall Fuller, Washington Football Team, NFC East
Kendall Fuller, Washington Football Team (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /

Washington Football Team

Perhaps no team has taken on more change in the 2020 offseason than the Washington Football Team.

In addition to a new coaching staff, this is the only team in the NFL to literally change its name in 2020.

After starting his career in Washington, Kendall Fuller returned to the Nation’s Capital for a second run with the Washington Football Team, this time with Ron Rivera leading the team and defense.

Fuller only played 11 games in the regular season for Kansas City last season, but when he’s fully healthy, he’s one of the best nickel cornerbacks in the NFL.

That’s why the Washington Football Team paid him $40 million over four years.

Although the money involved in this particular acquisition doesn’t scream ‘underrated’, Fuller didn’t have a huge free agent market like he might have if he had been healthy the entire 2019 season.

Fuller didn’t have an interception in the 2019 regular season, but he played a huge role in Kansas City’s Super Bowl run throughout the postseason, playing in all three games with his first interception of the year on the biggest stage along with two pass breakups.

He should be a huge asset to the Washington secondary on a defense that is being slept on nationally.