2021 NFL Draft: First-Round mock draft using Madden 20 sim for draft order

The Miami Dolphins select Micah Parsons in the first round of this 2021 NFL mock draft (Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images)
The Miami Dolphins select Micah Parsons in the first round of this 2021 NFL mock draft (Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images) /
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Trevor Lawrence, 2021 NFL Draft
Trevor Lawrence, 2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

Predicting the 2021 NFL Draft with a complete first-round mock draft.

A mock draft in July may seem silly, but this is a fun and exciting way to get to know the upcoming draft class. We are still learning about the 2021 NFL Draft prospects, but the top-tier of the class is starting to take shape and we can try to look forward and predict which positions NFL teams will be looking to address early.

Mock draft orders are difficult to determine this far out. Most writers just use Vegas betting odds to determine the order, but that can get boring quickly. To make this mock unique and interesting, we decided to go with a different approach. Using updated rosters (s/o PS4 user MFMatix), we decided to simulate an NFL season on Madden 20 and use the draft order based on the results.

Obviously, this is not a perfect approach, but it at least gives us a fresh draft order to work with. Without further ado, let’s get to the fun. Here is a complete first round 2021 NFL mock draft.

Pick Analysis. QB. Clemson. Trevor Lawrence. 1. player. Scouting Report. 87

It was an ugly season for the Carolina Panthers in this Madden sim. Led by new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, the Panthers limped to a 3-13 record which would obviously be a less than ideal start for the Matt Rhule era. That being said, having the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft could make it all worth it. Let’s be honest, Trevor Lawrence is not a bad consolation prize.

Lawrence is the most talented quarterback prospect in recent memory. He has had an incredible college career, consistently showing the ability to make any throw on the football field. Lawrence has fantastic size, athleticism and arm strength at the position. He is elusive in the pocket and explosive in the open field as a runner. Lawrence throws a beautiful deep ball and can fit the ball into nearly any tight window.

He feels pressure well, is patient in the pocket and shows tremendous overall pocket presence. Lawrence is also an accurate passer who consistently hits receivers in stride and shows fantastic ball placement to all levels of the field.

While there are a few decision-making hiccups on his tape, overall, Lawrence is clearly an incredibly talented quarterback prospect who has absolutely massive upside at the next level. He has a chance to quickly become a superstar quarterback and the Panthers would be ecstatic to get in a position in the 2021 NFL Draft to make him their face of the franchise.