Seattle Seahawks: Current state of the running back position

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How is the Seattle Seahawks running back position shaping up for 2020?

Since the departure of former Pro-Bowler Marshawn Lynch, the Seattle Seahawks have gone through different transitions regarding their running back position over the past few years.

However, it’s worth noting that current starting running back Chris Carson had a respectable performance during the 2019 season for the Seahawks as he contributed to the dominance of their offensive unit as a whole.

Based on his statistics from last season, one could argue that Carson has solidified himself as a star running back of NFL. However, as it looked that he’d be contributing once more in 2020 in a positive light, it’s been noted he sustained a fractured hip injury during the 2019 season. Though he’s recovering and he has a good chance of returning, his performance may never be the same due to this particular hip injury.

Because of this unfortunate situation for the Seahawks, it could very well hinder their running game drastically. Seattle is dealing with Carson sustaining injuries but also Seahawks backup running back Rashaad Penny recovering from an ACL tear suffered during the 2019 season, leaving his current status questionable on whether or not he can participate in training camp.

Carlos Hyde added in free agency

Carlos Hyde, most recently of the Houston Texans, was also noted for his injury history, and he recently signed with the Seahawks organization. Being brought in to beef up their running game, Hyde is currently dealing with a shoulder injury as he just had surgery repairing a torn labrum.

Despite all this, Hyde will be playing next season according to reports on his status.

With all the setbacks Seattle has regarding injuries, specifically their running backs, what was the fourth-ranked rushing attack in the NFL last season could be drastically changed. With the upcoming 2020 season, some may doubt whether they can perform as well as they did last year.

It’s been well-noted by critics that the Seahawks have been dealing with troubles regarding their defensive performance last season. However, despite this, they were able to fall back on their offensive game considering both their passing and running attack performed well throughout the season.

With that said, though they earned a respectable record last season of 11-5 as well as making the playoffs, some may doubt if the Seahawks can achieve the same success they did last year. With the toughness of the NFC West division, can the Seahawks, with their current status, compete with such teams like the San Francesco 49ers?

However, the good news is that the Seahawks can try to utilize Hyde by giving him more time on the field in case Carson isn’t fully active. Even if there are some setbacks towards the Seahawks offensive team, some may see potential with Hyde and Carson being the focal point for their running game this upcoming season.

Signing someone like Hyde was a good move during the off-season. Considering he did statistically well despite being injured last season, one must remember he may perform better depending on how his recovery is going.

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With the troubles Seahawks had last season in regarding their defensive performance, they can’t afford another setback with the current state of their running team. If their running game can’t play up to par next season, you have to wonder whether or not it’s going to hinder their chances of even making the playoffs.