Scouting the NFL Draft is a continuously evolving process

2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
2021 NFL Draft (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft
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Final Thoughts

There are a few takeaways here when it comes to scouting. The first, of course, is that it isn’t an easy process. Even the biggest names in sports media covering the NFL Draft miss at a decent rate. The key to succeeding in this industry is finding ways to minimize your misses, and the good news is that a plethora of information is available.

An important step to re-tune for the upcoming draft cycle is to look at the best at every position in the NFL and see how they win and what they do well. This helps identify important traits that you should weight more heavily in your evaluation.

There are also loads of books and information out there. Read as much as you can from those who have been in the industry, who can help with things like scouting, the game itself, formations, schemes, and more! Finding more summer reading is huge. You can never read enough about the game.

Lastly, look at past drafts! What contributed to “Player X” not succeeding in the league? Why did “Player Y” become one of the best so quickly? Finding trends, in terms of athleticism, production, and traits is key.

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Don’t feel comfortable with where you are as an amateur scout and analyst. Always push to do more, to educate yourself more, and keep growing. That’s how you will make it in the industry and succeed as an analyst. It’s a continuously evolving process, so don’t fall behind!