Patriots: 4 worst decisions of the 2020 offseason

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4. Not signing QB Cam Newton

I’m not putting this one super high on the list, but right now, it’s on the list.

The Patriots were a playoff team last season with a tremendous defense. They have a nice stable of running backs and if N’Keal Harry develops in year two, their wide receiver group is not terrible.

The idea of adding Cam Newton and building an offense around him has plenty of merit and makes plenty of sense, but the Patriots apparently don’t think so.

The idea that Jarrett Stidham gives you a better chance to win than the former league MVP is…an idea. Stidham showed some really nice things for the Patriots in last year’s preseason play, but when the regular season rolls around, the game is much different.

I have no problem with the Pats believing in Stidham’s ability to run their offense, but the idea that he’s a superior option to Cam Newton seems silly at this particular point in time.

Stidham is getting a tremendous opportunity and he will hopefully seize it and do great, but when you have a player like Cam Newton sitting there in free agency and a vacancy at quarterback? I’m not sure I agree with or like the move to not sign him.